In order to develop the soft skills of the employees within a company a classroom training of 6-16 participants is one of the best options. During these sessions the attendees have the opportunity to get familiar with new methods, techniques, tools and hints and tips in various soft skill areas and topics. All the new knowledge then can be used in their daily work, in the interaction and cooperation with other colleagues and/or partnering companies.


A classroom training can help the people communicate at a higher level with each other, with clients and suppliers, can increase the attendees’ self-awareness and self-consciousness. All this increased knowledge will result in a more flawless ways of working within your company and outside as well.

When is a training a good method for me?


Training is a good method for you, if:

  • within your company you realise that there is a need for the improvement of certain skills for a group of people
  • there are changes within your company and you would like the employees to be prepared for them
  • you feel that your team at the workplace is not advancing the right way
  • you would like to find the root causes of the work conflicts and ensure working in the most conflict-free environment possible. ¤

Examples from my training list

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