Welcome on my page!

I am Dóri Padla, trainer and coach.

As an economist, specialised in Human Resources during my career I always found important the development of the people – either individually or in groups. I was working in multinational companies in the procurement and finance area, in the first years and team member, later on for various years as a people leader. During all these years I was already looking for the opportunities to deliver trainings within my workplaces and outside as well. Besides these, I was also helping my colleagues in their development and solving their workplace issues.


I have always been enthusiastic about the individual development conversations as a people leader too. Furthermore, I worked out and delivered numerous classroom trainings during my career. I started to use the coaching technique on the one-to-one occasions, with which long-term developments could be reached. This was very motivating for my team members and for myself as well.


In order to gain further and even deeper knowledge on this field I attended a coaching course and got certified in 2018. It is a highly energising factor to see how useful this method is for my clients and how well it can support them in reaching their goals.

I believe that a good coach needs to be able to support those clients, who would like to change, in an effective and motivating way in various areas in their work and life. I have seen from my experience that in case the client is ready for the behaviour change the coach can be an essential part and real added value of the process. ¤